Weapons Forms

Baat Jamm Do - Eight Slash Butterfly Swords

Along with the development of the wing chun system, the butterfly sword (Baat Jaam Do), was chosen as the only weapon in the wing chun system because the length of the Baat Jaam Do made it easy to conceal. It could be used as a extension of the arms, and they were the most deadly and effective weapons of all. This was because the Baat Jaam Do system emphasized the training of coordinating the two swords, the training of the eyes, wrist and footwork. The principle was based on the fact that every defense was accompanied by a counter attack, and every attack was accompanied by a trapping, parrying or immobilizing move of the other sword. Plus, it was designed to use the ingenuity of the wing chun footwork to its fullest extent, making it the champion of all weapons.

Look Dim Boon Kwan - Dragon Pole

The Dragon Pole has the advantage of its length and linear movements in attack with a minimal circular movement in defence. This technique combined with the most efficient footwork in both attack and defence allows the exponent to move in and out of range like lightning. In fact, it is said that once you hear the first impact of the Pole, the victor has already been decided.