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What is Wing chun Kung Fu ?

Wing Chun is a truly amazing and beautiful kung fu style. It is one of the most practical martial art systems you can study. Wing Chun is a perfect art for the uncertainties of actual self-defense and combat. The system relies on biomechanics, not brute force. Wing Chun is a scientific yet theoretically based martial arts form. The specialty of a Wing Chun practitioner is close-range combat. Practitioners utilize well-coordinated angular deflections with simultaneous attacks. A Wing Chun practitioner is agile yet powerful, delivering quick, close-range punches and kicks rather than locks and grabs. Wing Chun is based on the concepts and principles of simplicity, economy of movement, and economy of energy. This art is a true internal and external system designed so you can learn the system in 3-5 years. It is a science in motion that is simple yet explosive.

Yip Man was the first Wing Chun master to teach the art openly in “Hong Kong” on a school fee basis. His students and their students therefore make up the majority of the practitioners of Wing Chun today (see his article for the outline of a family tree). Yip Man died in 1972. However, there is also a story that Yip Man gave money to Chan Wah Shun so that he could learn from him. Officially making Chan Wah Shun the first to teach the art openly on a school fee basis. However, Chan Wa Shun was military/ security based who was employed by Yip Man’s father.
Bruce Lee came to America to teach the non-Asian Americans. Bruce Lee was a student of Wing Chun.

Kids Kung Fu Program

With Master Sonny Le

Over 45 years of Martial Arts experience in training and teaching

Specializing in self defense using Wing Chun, Kids Kung Fu and also teaching many practical kung fu weapons.




As a student of Sifu Le of almost three years, I can honestly say I’ll continue to practice the art of kung fu for the rest of my life.

The wealth of knowledge that has been demonstrated in my time at North York Wing Chun, has brought me closer to my personal goals in a way that far surpassed my expectations.

If you’re looking for an experienced and patient teacher, who is eager to explain and demonstrate practical applications than look no further.
You won’t find any “mysticism” or lengthy exposition that distracts from the reason you’ve come to learn in the first place.

Sifu Le is a teacher who keeps his finger on the pulse, trains shoulder to shoulder with his students and isn’t afraid of being questioned. In fact he encourages his students to ask why, because he’s a teacher who wants his students to understand, learn and grow.

Authenticity and transparency is how I would describe the methods of teaching at NYWC not only for the hand to hand training but the tutelage of weaponry training is nothing short of spectacular.


I have known Sifu Le for over 8 years, and from the very beginning he taught for the sake of Martial Arts, not for profit. Often times he will restrict class sizes to ensure he can give everyone the proper amount of guidance and space. Sifu Le’s teachings are definitely theory based, where he will show you the technique and the meaning behind them. The applications are taught shortly after. He definitely does not teach in the “repeat after me” style.

Being his student on and off the past years, Sifu Le has taught me three Shaolin Kungfu forms, two Wing Chun forms (siu lim tao, and chum kiu). From weapons, he has taught me the staff, double sticks, nunchaku, broad sword, double broad swords, and three section staff forms.

I highly recommend checking the North York Wing Chun school



I’ve been learning Wing-Chun here for 4 months with Sifu Lee, and I’m enjoying being here a lot. He is a very professional Kung-fu trainer and a very kind and humorous teacher. It’s a great place for all people, especially for those who wish to get serious training with a lot of real-fight techniques engaged.

The class always focuses on techniques and street-fight application, which make the training extremely practical and helpful for people who are passionate. If you have some previous experiences, you could possibly find some strong fighters here and gain further improvements through tense and professional unique practices. And for people like me who didn’t have a lot of experiences, it’s also beneficial because it’s starts from basic and go straight forward to real-fight but not performance at all.



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