FAQs on Weapon training

01. When can I start learning the weaponry system?

- In our system, the weaponry training is separate from our curriculum. You can either choose to include the weaponry training in your program or not. And normally, you will start to learn the weaponry after 3 months since you join our school.

02. Can I choose to learn what weapon I like to learn?

- Unless, you focus on advanced or private training on weaponry, otherwise, regular students will have to start with the basic weaponry such as: Staff, broadswords, swords, spear, double hook swords …..Then when you are comfortable with all basic weaponry, you will learn those advanced weaponry including: 3 sectional staffs, 4 sectional staffs, Iron circles, Short stick with chain, Iron circles with chain, Chinese Nunchaku, Chinese Sai, Tonfa, Butterfly Swords, Whip chain, 9 sectional whip, rope dart …….

03. What happen if I don't want to learn Shaolin weaponry?

You just register for Wing Chun classes ONLY. Wing Chun will remain separate from the Shaolin Weaponry system.

04. I already involve in other type of martial art, can I only learn the weaponry system?

Yes, you sure can. Our shaolin weaponry system is an advanced program and customized program, which allows any disciples from different types of martial art to learn and experience the weaponry. You ONLY need to register for the Weaponry system program as needed.

05. I don't have much time. Can I just choose to learn a weapon that I like right away?

Yes, you can have that option too. Choose any weaponry that you see from our system and register for that weapon only. You MUST write to the master to get more infos on this kind of training sifu@canadashaolin.com since it will need to be tailored to fit your needs.

06. Do I need any martial art background before I can learn weaponry?

Not at all. Not like Wushu art you normally see at the kung fu demonstration which including a lot of acrobatic moves. We focus more into the real hand skills which everybody can achieve it when you work hard on training. And we also focus more into the real fighting applications of the Shaolin weaponry system as well.