Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu Form

Chum Kiu – Chum (search), Kiu (bridge). Translated means, “search for the bridge”, or “bridging the gap”. A bridge is created when one of your arms makes contact with the arm of an opponent. During Chum Kiu new hand positions, kicks and movement are introduced.

Hand positions are biu jee, low bong sao, palm strikes, arm break, lop sao, biu sao, and double palm strike. Kicks used are front kicks and low side kicks. The front kicks are with the ball of the foot, heel, and the entire foot.

Movement – The practitioner moves from a stationary stance to various stances during the performance of the techniques. This enables the practitioner to become familiar with stances and footwork required to take advantage of positioning or alter positions to a more advantageous one.

In Chum Kiu, techniques are more apparent as well as the footwork required. This form stresses the importance of mobility and the coordination of movements to achieve maximum effect.